Thursday, April 30, 2015

His First Murder

Rahul had a small family, just his wife Piyali and their One and a half year old son Harshal. They moved to a new city recently and were settling to the tone of the new city and new house.

The family was happy and husband and wife's favorite activity was to watch their son grow everyday. From his first smile, first crawl, first time he stood, his first steps to his first words they enjoyed every moment of their kid's life.

It was a Sunday and after a heavy brunch Rahul was sleeping on the floor enjoying his afternoon Siesta. Piyali was busy with the smartphone keeping in touch with her friends and family. Harshal was playing around making excited noises in between. Harshal was moving through the house playing with his toys.

Somehow Harshal got his hands on the big knife in the kitchen and started playing with it too. Piyali was busy and Harshal came to his dad to wake him up. He tried to wake him up by making those cute noise but Rahul was in deep sleep. Harshal did the next thing where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Since Harshal had the knife in his hand he hit his dad to wake him up but the knife ended up on Rahul's throat and it hit him with the sharp edge and knife cut deep and blood started spraying through the wound. With in seconds Rahul was dead.

Piyali finally looked up from her smartphone screen and froze at the sight of Harshal and his first murder. 


  1. i think story could have a better title. he is just a kid, it was an accident not murder, but if this post is part of series, it can be said okay. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Your point is valid but *spoiler* I might make the kid a serial killer in later stories, so this was the start. Accidental but scarring.


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