Thursday, July 14, 2022

The Body

 "Did you see it yet?" Suraj asked Prakash excitedly 

"No, not yet, have you?" Prakash replied

"No, I am just going there, I heard that Sonu, Jigg, and Peter, saw it already," Suraj said

"So what are we waiting for let's go and take a look ourselves." Said, Prakash

Both of them followed a group of people as they rushed across the narrow road excitement clear in their voices, but also slight hesitation because of course you don't get to see such things every day. 

And thus Prakash and others reached the field and there it was the body of a dead guy. Nobody knew how long the body was there in the field but it was naked and the skin had darkened completely, eye sockets were empty and the mouth was open in a dying scream and most peculiar of all one of his hands was holding his penis. 

No one knew how he had died or who he was but as soon as kids saw their first dead body they left, some crying, some in fear, and some in excitement. Most of them will have nightmares about it for the next few weeks.

After all, it's not every day that you get to see a dead body in the field.

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