Wednesday, February 13, 2019


"Shall I tell you a secret?" asked Vikrant to the person tied to the chair

"What do you mean?" Stammered the person tied to the chair

"Oh! I mean exactly what I said." Replied Vikrant

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Said Bittu tied to the chair

"Indeed, I am." Answered Vikrant

************** 6 Hours Ago **************

Bittu the most feared gangster in the area was on his round to collect the weekly toll from the shopkeepers.

He turned into a dark alley and suddenly someone pounced on him and he struggled with his attacker

Someone is going to die today, he thought before losing his consciousness.

************** 2 Hours Ago **************

Bittu woke up with a start and found himself in a dark room tied to a chair

He didn't know where he was

He tried to think who would try to hurt him, may be Billa or Iliyas or Dharma

Whoever it was he was going to pay dearly, thought Bittu

Thankfully his mouth wasn't covered, he licked his dry lips and tried to speak

"He, Hel, Hell...... " and he coughed fitfully

He tried to gain his composure and thoughts and spoke again 

"Who the hell is this? Don't you know who am I? Do you wanna die?" Shouted Bittu

"Oh I know, who you are alright." came a calm voice

And Bittu felt a prick in his neck and again got lost in dreams

************** Now **************

"My name is Vikrant." said the mysterious man

"Whoever you may be Madarchod, do you wanna die, untie me right now." Thundered Bittu

"I am sorry but that won't be possible, after all first I want to share my secret with you." Said Vikrant

"Bak kya bolna Chah raha hai." barked Bittu

"Well the thing is my secret is very big secret." Vikrant

"What the hell does it have to do with me." Asked Bittu

"Every thing, I suppose, my secret is that I like to kill people, I like to kill bad people." Replied Vikrant Gleefully with a creepy smile

Bittu was little afraid now but he had learnt not to show any weakness, he replied

"What do I have to do with it then, why did you tell me this?" Asked a terrified Bittu

"Because dead men tell no secrets." And Vikrant stabbed Bittu and kept on stabbing him

After that day Bittu was never seen on the streets and Vikrant's secret stayed a secret till he told the same to another bad guy.

Note - Yay!!! This was finally my 100th short story on the blog, 100th post, yeah a small milestone so another Yaaay!!! 

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