Friday, September 18, 2015

Day Zero

No one knows how our country went to hell. No one actually knows when did everybody get infected. No one knows how the entire world went belly up. There are only handful of humans left in the world now, spread across different continents and countries. It is like all the zombie stories you have read and saw on TV but it's the story of India and now it's no longer a story but reality of our times. I am Amar and I am not actually immortal just a very lucky guy who somehow survived the entire ordeal and is fighting everyday to stay alive. I have few other survivors with me, there is no other way to survive, YOU CAN'T SURVIVE ALONE.

This is how it happened, at least according to me. Let's consider me official historian of humans in India. I would like to call the approximate day when the shit hit the fan as 'Day Zero'. My best guess is that the super virus was so capable that it could spread through water as well as air, so yeah it first spread through bottled water, somehow the water supply got infected. And I don't need to tell you how many bottles of water was bought before the Armageddon.

I still remember, I was in Delhi Metro that day when I noticed that almost everyone in the train was either coughing or sneezing. As usual the train was stuffed completely with people stuffed in all the cars. Rajeev Chowk was one of the busiest metro station and as soon as the train stopped there almost everyone stumbled out on the platform and within few seconds everyone was the same. Somehow I was unaffected along with few other people. And then, people started falling, almost everybody was down. And then they got up! CISF tried to stop all the people but few of them were eaten up. I was petrified by the view and tried to run out as all the movies and books came true, right in front of me.

Everyone who could get out ran out of station, I was one of the lucky ones. But the view outside wasn't much better, Connaught place was in mayhem people were running everywhere and vehicles were abandoned on the road as the path ahead was blocked as well. Bodies were spread on the roads and many of them were missing body parts but they were still trying to somehow get up again. I stared at them with eyes full of horror.

I ran and ran and ran and ran some more, when I was sure that I was free of every zombie behind me that I relaxed. and that's how I remember Day Zero. I will tell you more in the days to come. Till then Stay Alive.


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