Sunday, February 8, 2015


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"I dreamed a dream, in the time gone by." She watched the video for the 1000th of times.

She saw dream of Susan Boyle come true, and invariably tears started falling from her eyes.

She didn't want to cry for the dreams she dreamt in a different life, but sometimes she couldn't control herself.

She dreamed of becoming a dancer, ever since she was little.

Alas! her dream was shattered when a drunk driver hit her vehicle.

Resulting injuries meant that her body was paralyzed from the waist down.

And another dreamer's dreams were left unfulfilled forever.

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  1. Hope no dreams are shattered. Road-accidents are terrible.
    Sad story. True for many...

    1. Thanks Anita for your words and yes it is very sad and very true for countless people.

  2. That's really bad to know that one's dream is crushed by an accident. All the best!

    Someone is Special

  3. Lucky are those whose dreams become a reality.

  4. Oh! that was sad...
    But very nice and short write-up.
    Dream Vs Nightmare

  5. Well, that is tragic. Not only the dance dream but so many other dreams of hers would have gone unfulfilled because of that accident.

  6. a sad story but life plays such games most of the time, well written

    My Blogaton Entry It Was Just A Dream

  7. Hmm...saddest it would be to know that the dream one had entire life could never come true :(

    Megha - A Letter


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