Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paths to Death - 1

Hi I am starting a new series which would simply have a small scene leading to death. Here goes the first installments.

He was eating Pani-puri (Water Balls) at a roadside stall.

His back was facing the road.

While he was eating ... two girls came to the same stall ..

He moved a little to the back to allow them some space..

Suddenly his foot hit a dog, he lost his balance... and he fell on his back on the road.

And in that instant a high speed car came and crushed his skull killing him instantly.

Thus he followed his path to death..

Note: - Well this is nothing serious or not that I have morbid curiosity its just that I keep on thinking all the tracks for the stories and my stories rarely have death scenes and stories never come that frequently to the mind. so this small fiction outlet would be good for the post count and may be it will lead to more stories .. enjoy.


  1. Very much possible. Death comes calling in strange ways...

    1. Yes Anita it is very much possible coz it almost happened to me . hence the idea to open with this entry.

  2. Nice idea yaar! I think i am gonna adopt this theme. It will be interesting to greet the death before actually greeting the death (we writers live through articles ri8?). Come visit my blog some time!

    1. Hi Siva thanks for liking the idea .. just shout out a word for me too on your blog :) Its true we writers :P flirt with life through our writings it may be love or death.


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