Monday, January 7, 2013

...and the world was silent again

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A long time ago .. really long time ago .. our world was silent except for the sound of nature.

then there were Microbes .. who evolved to be more advanced species ..

They kept on evolving becoming fishes, dinosaurs and what not ..

Then the Dinosaurs were destroyed but the world kept on ... making sounds

No species was ultra-dominant keeping the circle of life and food pyramid active..

Slowly one Species developed be much different from others,

they walked differently they hunted differently they lived differently .. they also made different sounds

That Species was Humans ..

They didn't just kill to eat they killed for fun too .. World kept on making sounds

Humans became such a dominating Specie they caused many others to extinct ... They killed animals to extinction they fished the ponds to the point that there was no fish left there .. from Pond to they moved to river from river to sea and from sea to the Oceans.. World kept on making sounds ..

Slowly there were too many and too advanced .. humans .. ate everything the nature had to offer no animal was left alone as it was more important to feed people but they also hated the insects the one could not eat they want to eliminate them as they contaminated their food and troubled them.

An ultra advanced team of scientists was created from all over the world .. their mission to find a way to eliminate all the insects who were inedible .. They succeeded ....

All the humans enjoyed, there were festivities all around for all the annoying insects were finally gone .... World kept on making sounds

Sure enough humans learned the effects of their actions .. since all the insects were gone ..

there was nothing to make sure that pollination of plants occurred .. this caused all the plants to die off as they could not reproduce .. this also meant that all the crops humans planted were also affected and didn't grow at all ..

all the animals who died and not eaten by humans were just there smelling horrible as there were no insects or  others birds to eat them they were extinct by humans who ate them too.

Within 50 years all the life on earth was over no humans no animals no birds no fishes no insects no nothing .. only the microbes

and the world was silent again

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  1. Well, life comes a full circle because of a reason!

    1. Thanks Rickie that's Philosophical of you too for sure.

  2. lol .. that was a bit scARY :p .. BUT GOOD STUFF

    ATB FOR BAT :)

    1. LOL thanks Menachery for liking and commenting and for the wishes too ...

      and same to you too.. :)

  3. sad but the ultimate truth . . nice write up . .

    1. Thank you very much Maliny for appreciating the story.

  4. Not sure why the comment isn't already here. Here I go again.

    There is a gap in this: If scientists eliminated inedible insects, that means that there are still some insects left. So, how does extinction happen?
    Anyway, I like the logic in the thought.

    Look to read more of your writing at BAT

    1. Thanks Shri for the comment and liking the post. Well my idea was that Maybe the inedible insects are far more important for life than we expected them to be. With them gone fewer plants grew thus making sure that people ate more of other things. like edible insects and other animals, thus making them extinct too, eventually becoming cannibals and there on and there for.

      Also I apologize for slightly half cooked idea actually this all was based on one quote from a documentary that 'If we remove all the insects from the world, humans would be extinct in 50 years. But if you remove all humans from the world, the natural life will flourish like never before.'

      Hope I didn't make much mess of the idea and sorry for this very long reply. :)

      ATB for BAT to you too.

  5. Very nice. I like the part in the end where you highlight the importance of insects, birds etc.

    I just hope that this never happens... and human respects mother nature and everything created by her.

    Nice post Vikas. Thoughtful.

    1. Thank you very much Kshitij for the encouraging words ..

  6. We know that we will never be able to remove all the insects - but still your narration made me think so for a while.

    1. Of Course Aativas that's why its a fiction story not based on real life. :) Thanks for making time to read my entry. ATB for BAT.

  7. The world ends in this way eh? lol yet scary and I am getting a little fear that the world would end this way! nice creative one.

  8. I like this one! Very apt... :)


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