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There I was in front of the judge pleading and sobbing .. trying to convince them that I was innocent of the murder for which I was being accused ...I mean, how could have I committed the murder when I had no reason to do so .. but

Police caught me from my office with drugs from my locker, somehow they also recovered my bloody clothes from my room and more drugs and money and they also found my finger prints on the murder weapon .. but how can that happen

How can I reach from walking on the road to be a criminal being sought for a Murder .. 

Which I didn't commit .. of course every criminal says that they are innocent .. so I would not say that, what I would say would be to tell you my story now you guys decide if I am guilty or not guilty.

I was a normal guy working at a BPO firm to earn an honest living .. I didn't live far off from my office so generally walked back home .. and although my shifts ended during late night/early morning.. 

I never felt insecure and never found any thing unusual going on, usually it was deserted with homeless people and stray animals sleeping on the footpath and makeshift huts.

my life changed during one such night when something very unusual 

that night I left office at around 3.30 AM .. after drinking a late night tea near office ..

I started walking towards my room .. it was when that I heard some strange noise coming from the deserted alley on the next turn .. my heart started racing fast .. although suddenly I was feeling nervous and afraid I still didn't stop as I wanted to see if I could help the situation .. When I turned in to the alley I saw that there were two man shouting at each other .. for few seconds I just stood there thinking if I should interfere or not .. but I didn't get the time to decide that as as soon as one man noticed me he started asking me for help and .

I asked "What is happening here?"
"None of your business." Said the other man ..
"No he is trying to kill me for I was about to expose him." said another to me.
"What are your names?" I asked 
"I am Rampal" said the one asking for help
"I am Dheer Singh" said the other man.
"What's the matter here?" I asked
"I already told you nothing is wrong just go home." said Dheer 
"No!! he is lying, he is gonna kill me." Said Rampal 

I was stuck there unable to decide what to do .. then suddenly Dheer pulled out a Pistol .. Rampal panicked and ran and hid behind me .. I too was afraid to the core but still I collected all my strength and said ..

"What the hell is this Dheer? Where did you get that Gun?" 
"Again none of your business I don't want to hurt you but if you don't leave right now you will rue this day till your end." Spitted Dheer
"No you will right now or I am calling the police right now." I said weakly 
"Ha Ha Ha, you will call police, Abe Moth****r I am the police." Laughed Dheer 
"I am a policeman too but he wants to kill me." said Rampal
"Then how come you don't have a gun?" I asked 
"I was working undercover and found out that Dheer is on payroll of undercover I wanted to plead him to surrender but in stead he wants to kill me." Said Rampal
"Another corrupt policeman, why am I not surprised." I bemused 
"No problem I will kill you too, in any case I have to get rid of you all." said Dheer menacingly with blood in his eyes .. 

I had no other choice then to attack Dheer to save us which I did but he was bigger and stronger than me .. soon he overcame me after few minutes of struggle in any case he had already hurt Rampal too .. he dragged me near Rampal and pointed his gun at me and said fixing a silencer on the gun.. "I promised you that you will rue your life so I won't kill you but I will give you a gift."

"Please don't kill me" pleaded Rampal 

whoosh .. a bullet hit Rampal on his arm and then another on his leg and he doubled over with pain ..

I was pale white with fear but was unable to move, I was able to see my death right in front of me..

two more bullets hit Rampal in stomach and chest, I was instantly covered in shower of blood .. I had resigned my fate in the hands of God .. and then I blanked out .. 

I woke up after an hour finding myself alive and besides Rampal who had died and Dheer was nowhere to find .. I thought about calling police but I couldn't find my phone Dheer must have taken it with him .. feeling defected and lost I decided to head home I looked around but there was no one around and I staggered back home ..

changed my bloody clothes and took a back and slept .. I woke up late next day thinking that all of it was just a dream but as soon as I saw the bloody clothes my heart sank .. I hid those clothes and got ready for office .. I could not find my ID-card must have dropped it during struggle

I was going through my shift half-heartily, suddenly I got a call from HR asking me to come downstairs ..

When I reached downstairs I almost had a heart attack as Dheer was there with other policemen, he smiled devilishly when he saw me .. Shreya from HR came to me and said 

"Inspector wants to talk to you regarding some case." 
"Of course" I said..
"Mr would you mind leading us to your locker and open it" asked Dheer.
"Okay" I said 

I opened my locker and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets as there was money and some white powder in my locker ..

"Its It's not mine, he must have placed it here." I said pointing to Dheer
"Shut up you scoundrel. Constable, arrest him." Shouted Dheer 

Shreya and other people in office were staring at all the drama..

"You are arrested for the possession of cocaine and the murder of Inspector Rampal" said Dheer
"We thank you for all your support Ms and sorry to bother you actually your employee works for the underworld distributing drugs in the office and he killed one of our undercover cops who must have found about him." Lied Dheer
"You are lying. I am not a drug dealer. I didn't kill anyone. You killed him I saw you." I pleaded 

But every one had hatred for me after all who would believe a man with drugs and money in his locker and who was being dragged by policemen away ...

It felt like entire office was staring at me and just me .. 

I was later told that the gun with my finger prints, more guns, more drugs, money and bloody clothes  were found from my room.. and there were a barrage of corrupt policemen who were ready to swear that Rampal told them about me and my operations and how we was gonna arrest me with the help of Dheer who was his friend ...

I was put in jail and now I was facing charges for murder and drug distribution .. just because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time ..

tell me what am I Innocent or guilty but nothing will help me as Police has collected all the evidence against me, Dheer promised to ruin my life and he did that he gave me life worse than death as I would rot away in prison .. All for a murder I didn't commit.


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